Grammy-nominee Jazz Pianist Edsel Gomez, Seoul, 2014.
Grammy-nominee Jazz Pianist Edsel Gomez, Seoul, 2014.
Yoga Portrait, Gyeongnidan, Seoul, 2013.
Monica Toudahl Knudsen, a Danish Korean adoptee, Seoul, 2015.
Ban Ho-young, co-founder and CEO of South Korean start-up NEOFECT. For FT Business Education Magazine, November 2015.
Demis Hassabis, cofounder and CEO of Google DeepMind. For Les Echos, March 2016.
"Diego", a South Korean asylum seeker living in Paris. For Korea Exposé, August 2015.
Kim Kyung-ok, a North Korean defector, is dressed in attire made in Gaesong Industrial Complex, a joint venture by the two Koreas just north of the border. Outtake from an assignment or Welt am Sonntag's ICON. Seoul, Aug 2015.
Opera Kim Gu, Pre-production, Seoul, 2013
North Korean defector and poet Jang Jin-sung inside the Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul. For FT Weekend. Seoul, Feb 2016.
Headshot, KBS International Radio, Seoul, 2014.
Corporate Headshot, Zuellig Pharma Korea HQ, Seoul, 2014.
Actress Lee Eun-woo, Portrait, Seoul, 2010.
Park Yeon-soo is a former civil servant and deputy mayor of Incheon. He is known to be the father and conceiver of Songdo New City. Outtake from an assignment for brand eins. Seoul, 2015.