Toronto, Canada, 2011
Toronto, Canada, 2011
Durbar Square, Kathmandu, Nepal, 2010
Incheon Airport, Korea, 2012
Captive deer-farm at the Central Park, Songdo, Incheon Free Economic Zone, South Korea. Aug 2015
Dal Lake, Srinagar, India, 2012
A college student couple takes a study break at a Starbucks in Seoul, South Korea. It's common to spot students sleeping in local cafes. June 2015.
K-Pop sensation PSY received a big welcome from his home fans. Approximately 100,000 fans attended his free concert at Seoul Plaza on Oct 4, 2012.
The 26th Tiananmen Anniversary, Victoria Park, Hong Kong, June 4th, 2015
Feb, 2014 - Tibetan monks prepare for the Thangka unfolding ceremony in Langmu-si temple, Gannan, Gansu Province, China.
Feb, 2014 - Tibetan child monks gather at a vendor in front of a Gongan office in Langmusi, Gannan, Gansu Province, China.
An activist shows off the much controversial Anti-North Korea propaganda leaflets through the bus window. The title reads: "The Miserable End of a Dictator." Imjingak Peace Park, Paju, South Korea, Oct 25, 2014.
Paju residents and liberal activists doggedly followed and pestered anti-North Korea activists for the entire day. Oct 25, 2014.
Park Sang-hak, the head of another leafleting group Fighters for a Free North Korea, shows a sign of frustration at the fumbled efforts by Choi Woo-won's group. Oct 25, 2014.
Mothers and grandmothers of examinees pray outside the school gate while their children take the Korea College Entrance Exam. Seoul, 2014.
Parents of the Sewol ferry student victims take down their children's funerary portraits from the official altar and stage a two-day marching protest from Ansan to Seoul to generate support for the independent inquiry into the government's handling of the disaster. April, 2015
Police forces in riot gear are dispatched to suppress a demonstration in downtown Seoul around the one year anniversary of the Sewol ferry sinking. The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency later confirmed that 20,000 police forces were deployed. April 18, 2015.